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The available courses in Physical Science or Physics offers students a chance to see how the basic laws of nature apply to everyday situations. While at Universal's Islands of Adventure, the students will be granted access to the "launching control areas" of the Incredible Hulk roller coaster so they may get a first-hand look at one of the most advanced coaster technologies in the world.


Each team will be supplied a workbook, stopwatch, vertical and horizontal accelerometers, and measuring wheels at each attraction, so they may gather data while having a great time at the park. This data will then help them realize the value of science and mathematical education utilized in designing a theme park. The program also allows them to explore the differences between sensorial perception and actual reality.

Sample Itinerary

8:00AM:   Bus Arrives at Universal Orlando Bus Parking
8:15AM:   Meet Facilitators at Islands of Adventure Lighthouse
8:45AM:   Admission to Islands of Adventure
                   Begin Physics Program or Physical Science Program
                   Split into teams and complete assignments on selected rides
                   Visit Behind the Scenes at Incredible Hulk Coaster
12:00PM:  Entire group meets back at Lagoon

Physics: Park(s) Available


Physics takes place in Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL.

Physics: Levels Available

This program is avaiable at the following levels.  Workbooks are customized and contain content specific to the selected level.


Elementary School (4th-5th Grade): Physical Science

Middle School: Physics

High School: Physics

Physics: Workbook Sample


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