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In our Digital Photography Program, students are given basic guidelines on how to compose more visually compelling images. Each class is divided into teams of 4 to 8 members with each team receiving a digital camera to use during the program. We encourage the students to select a theme for their pictures. A story can then be told through captions for the pictures they took.

The images taken will be uploaded for the school along with software which can be used to manipulate the images in the classroom.

This program can be presented in any of the Orlando Theme Parks.


The Photojournalism Program is designed to teach students to communicate through integrating the skills of photography and literary presentation. The course combines the technology of digital photography and computer enhanced photo manipulation. Merging journalism skills with digital technology provides the students with new tools to enhance their creativity and productivity. The students will receive a great introduction to the benefits of digital photography.

Epcot provides an abundance of world cultures by featuring eleven different countries in its World Showcase. Students photograph icons, costumes, architecture, food, and entertainment representative of the country or countries they are given. Next, they interview natives from the country and learn about the culture and the examples they are photographing. Back in the classroom, students will use the information from their interview in describing the pictures they have taken. They can then format this photo journal into a booklet, poster, or web site.

Sample Itinerary

8:00AM:   Arrive in Orlando
8:15AM:   Meet Facilitators at Park Entrance
8:45AM:   Admission to Park
                   Begin Photography Program
                   Divide into teams, cameras distributed
11:00AM: Entire Group Meets 
12:00PM: Spend th rest of the day in park

Photo: Park(s) Available

The photography program is available in multiple Central Florida parks.

Photo: Levels Available

This program is avaiable at the following levels.  Workbooks are customized and contain content specific to the selected level.


Elementary School (4th-5th Grade)

Middle School

High School

Photo: Workbook Sample


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